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Monday, August 26, 2013

Two new weather time lapse videos

I've created two new weather videos for my YouTube channel. I started off with just the small intention of creating a week-long loop of the October 2010 North American storm complex, but then it grew into a video of the entire year once I figured out how to get the frames for the entire year at a time off of NOAA's servers. If you'd like to know if/when I create more, you can easily subscribe to my channel just by clicking below:

2010 Satellite IR and Surface Analysis Time-lapse

GOES-E IR satellite imagery combined with surface analysis charts for the year 2010. The huge cluster that would become the October 2010 North American storm complex starts forming just after 8:20. This is the most intense storm complex of its type ever recorded, with a lowest pressure of an incredible 953 mbar.

Other notable events:
Blizzard from 1:07-1:11
Hurricane Alex - 5:05
Tropical Storm Bonnie - 5:50
Hurricane Earl - 6:57
Tropical Storm Hermine - 7:07

Since my 2012 Surface Analysis video is so far my most popular one, I created one of these for 2012, too.

2012 Satellite IR and Surface Analysis Time-lapse

Hurricane Sandy enters the picture at the bottom right corner at 7:46.

Other notable events:
Heavy snowfall events sweep the northern half of the U.S. from 0:36-0:47
Tropical Storm Alberto - 3:45
Tropical Storm Beryl - 3:53
Heat wave from 4:25-4:35
Tropical Storm Debby - 4:37
2012 June Derecho - 4:45
Hurricane Isaac - 6:14
Hurricane Sandy - 7:46

Can you think of any interesting events I may have not listed, or do you have an idea or request for a video? Let me know in the comments!