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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

And now I'm back again, Part 2

When I posted this, the entire blog post went Poof! Gone. All that work down the drain. Since it's done in the cloud, there isn't really a backup, either, since the cloud is supposed to be the backup!

Unfortunately, I don't have time to re-create what turned out to be a pretty good post right now, as I'm heading back to St. Louis yet again, this time for the last time for a while. I'm doing two weeks of simulator sessions, the checkride, and I'll have a shiny new EMB-145 type rating on September 14th!

In the meantime, here are some pictures I had in the original post:

The unusual 30-degree bend in the Chain of Rocks Bridge over the Mississippi.
View of downtown from the bridge. The Gateway Arch is barely visible at center left, in the notch in the trees.
Southwest 737 framed in the girders.
These guys started in Montreal and were doing the ride all the way from there to California via Route 66!

I will redo the rest of this post when I get back and let you all know when it's up. Until then, blue skies!

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